Detail CELBAN study material:

  1. Abundant study material CELBAN online Four course books & Mock test on Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking in SUCCESS PACKAGE.
  2. 4 complete timed mock- test, Test taking strategies, common mistakes, Tips to pass the test
  3. Free grammar book!!!!!
  4. Special pronunciation lessons! With recorded vocabulary also!
  5. Online TEACHER’S VIRTUAL Class sessions for teaching all modules strategies, pronunciation lessons, Role play practice sessions which gives you a true classroom feeling, according to the package.

TOTAL Contents: We have abundant material for CELBAN Preparation.

        Served in different packages.

  1. 71 listening tests (40 video lessons, 31 audio lessons) 
  2. 48 Reading tests (20 reading comprehensions, 12 Skimming and Scanning, 16 gap fill) with answer key and practice exercises.
  3. 36 Writing tests (22 incident reports, 14 form fill) with answer key & practice exercises
  4. 60 Speaking lessons with role plays, discharge instructions, solved speaking questions of all parts and 4 complete question papers, 1 completely solved question paper with audio and videos.


The study material is divided into different packages. We constantly keep adding new material.

  1. This Online virtual class gives you a feel of an actual physical classroom where you can:
  2. Read the content written by the teacher on the board or pdf. at the same time during the class.
  3. Ask questions in writing as well as verbal form.
  4. Have better video and voice quality.
  5. Small class size and a chance to talk to your classmates.
  6. We provide totally FREE study material access 24/7 to Virtual class students. We have lots of in-class and online study material in all four modules Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking and top teachers to teach you the skills required to aim for the highest score.
  7. Our course runs through seven days a week, 24/7 to work with your own pace, flexibility and time. There is a crash course and course choice on separate modules also. Our local centers in Surrey, Vancouver and Abbotsford has been rated as the best Learning Center on Google too.

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