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Welcome to all international nurses in Canada, under one roof of CELBAN BLOG. CELBAB-BLOG gives you detailed information about the skills required and Online CELBAN Prep Course to prepare the test. The fundamental objective of this blog is to assure you that you are not lonesome to prepare for taking CELBAN test. You have thousands of your other international nurse fellow beings who are struggling for the same. Numerous international nurses are imbibing to upgrade their nursing degree in Canada and accomplish their goals. When they immigrate to Canada, they have to face unnumbered language problem to upgrade because of the language hurdle. In spite of having professional excellence in their country they strive for years and accept odd jobs to survive because of their English proficiency. So unfortunately, they lag behind and become demoralized. They lose their confidence level. CELBAN BLOG will help them boost their confidence level to take this test. They will get inspiration from their friends and this blog will bring all international struggling nurses under one roof in Canada. It will assist them to improve their spoken English in a very short time emphasizing on proper grammar and amend their pronunciation, translation and accent. In this blog you help each other, so in a way you grow and help others to grow. This blog is full of invaluable treasure of knowledge about the test. You will get whole bunch information for test taking strategies, keys to success and ways to prepare the test. You will also find free CELBAN practice test for each module. You will also be enlightened for the common errors to be avoided. This blog also gives you an option to leave comments and ask questions freely.

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